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Our Martial Art & Prices

Our Martial Art & Prices.

If you want superior Martial Arts knowledge you want to train with the best there is. Adults and Children have the opportunity to train here with our highly qualified Chief Instructor Sabumnim Khan. If you are fed up with Martial Arts Schools that have little knowledge to impart and that tie you down to long-term “contracts” as soon as you walk through their doors then come to us instead! We are the MOST affordable self defence Martial Arts school in your area with the best teaching at LOW cost!

Our Great Discounts & Value.

Just arrive about 10 minutes before class begin and your chosen Instructor at that branch will discuss ALL your detailed requirements. 
We are sure you will enjoy the experience in this very popular Martial Art with a 99% sign up rate, it testifies to the satisfaction of our Members! We are not just cheaper we are BETTER too!

Call us on  (905)691-1299 or email  for a trial class!